Conditions Générales d’Utilisation et de Vente pour les participants

General Conditions of Use and Sale for participants

Article 1: object

The company EUGENOL S.A.R.L with a capital of 8,641.08 euros, registered with the Paris RCS under number 423 717 404 00010 (“the Publisher”), whose intra-community VAT number is FR10423717404, whose head office is located at 72, avenue Parmentier - 75011 Paris, whose main activity is the publishing and operation of the website (hereinafter “the Site”).

The Site allows, in particular, professional advertisers (the “Advertisers”) to broadcast the program of Events intended for professionals (the “Events”) and/or to entrust the ticketing and/or organization of these events such as congresses, course or conference at the company EUGENOL (the “Service”) via the site

The General Conditions of Use and Sale (hereinafter CGU) described below detail the rights and obligations of the company EUGENOL S.A.R.L. and Internet users (the “Participants”) who have registered via the Site to participate in one of the events organized by the Publisher under the responsibility of the Advertisers

All information presented on the Site relating to the Events such as texts, illustrations, photographs are transmitted to the Publisher by the Advertisers under the exclusive responsibility of the latter.

The Publisher reserves the right to refuse access to the Service, unilaterally and without prior notification, to any Participant who does not comply with these conditions of use.
The purpose of these General Conditions of Use and Sale is to define the respective rights and obligations of the company EUGENOL (hereinafter “the Publisher) and the Participants within the framework of the referencing service for Advertiser Events on the Site .
To register for the services offered on the Site and to use them, Participants must accept without reservation these General Conditions of Use and Sale for Participants.
In the event that a Participant does not accept these conditions, he or she must not use the Service offered by the Site.
The Publisher reserves the right to modify and/or delete all or part of the Site and/or the Service without notice and without having to first inform any Participant, and without being able to be held responsible against him or her. against any third party.
These terms may be updated in accordance with the provisions of article 16 below “Modification of the T&Cs and Sales”.
General Conditions of Sale for Advertisers

Some of the services accessible from the Site may be subject to special conditions of use to which participants must adhere before accessing them. These include the General Conditions of Sale of Advertisers to which the Participant must subscribe before being able to place their order.

In the event that the provisions herein are contradictory with the Advertisers' General Conditions of Sale, the latter will prevail.

Article 2 - Service offered

The Publisher offers Participants wishing to purchase tickets allowing them to participate in the Events access to the Advertisers' catalogs, published on the Site, presenting the references of the products and services offered for sale by the Advertisers, and to register their orders with the Advertisers of their choice.

The Publisher is only a simple intermediary between Advertisers and Participants. Thus, the information published on the site relating to the products and services offered by the Advertisers is transmitted to the Publisher by the Advertisers and used as such by the Publisher who does not guarantee its accuracy or quality. reality.
Consequently, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for the reality and/or accuracy of the information provided by Advertisers.
If the Participant wishes to place an order for a product or service offered by the Advertiser, he must first read the General Conditions of Sale of the latter, the content of which the Advertisers are solely responsible for.
The Service allows the Participant to place orders with Advertisers of their choice, from the catalogs to which they have access.
The ticket allowing you to attend an Event published by the Publisher is a non-transferable ticket which cannot under any circumstances be resold, even at a price lower than its face value. As the ticket is nominative, identity checks may be carried out at the entrance to the Event in order to identify the Participant holding the ticket. The number of places purchased by the same person, all cumulative orders and all categories combined, cannot be greater than 1.
Personal account

To access the Service, Participants must first open an account with the Publisher via the Internet by connecting to the address www.Eugenolus
Service Features

The Participant may register for Events organized under the responsibility of the Advertiser of his choice.

Article 3 - Registration to the Service
To access the Service offered by the Publisher, the Participant must first have created a personal account. If the Publisher accepts his registration, he is then assigned a password, which can be modified upon first connection.
By creating an account with the Publisher, the Participant accepts these General Conditions without reservation.
Article 3.1 - Registration request
The Participant acknowledges and accepts that the Publisher decides unilaterally and without justification to accept or refuse his request for registration on the Site, and without the refusal of this request entitling him to any compensation.
The Participant acknowledges and accepts that all costs relating to access to the Service, in particular costs relating to hardware, software or Internet access, are exclusively his responsibility and that he remains solely responsible for the proper functioning of the Service. its computer equipment as well as its access to the Internet.
Article 3.2 - Participant's Obligations
When creating their personal account, Participants must enter the following information:

o Company name / name
o Type of activity
o Professional address
o Telephone, email
This data is essential for the provision of the Service by the Publisher.
Information consistent with reality. When creating their personal account on the Site, Participants undertake to provide true, sincere, complete and always up-to-date information enabling the Publisher to provide the Service.
In the event that the information transmitted by Participants proves to be false, incomplete, obsolete or does not allow the provision of the Service under the best conditions, the Publisher reserves the right to close the Participant's personal account without notice and without this giving him any right to compensation.

Article 4 - Information management
Generally speaking, the Editor has access to all actions carried out by the Participant from the site
The information transmitted by the Participant to the Publisher is as follows:

- the information necessary to register for the Service;
- its configuration choices;
- its IP address; browser used, time and date of navigation
- the downloads it makes;
- the list of products consulted
- the list of orders made

Article 5 - Password and username management
The Publisher allows Participants to access the Service it offers via a password and an identifier, and reserves the right, for any reason, to refuse the provision temporarily or permanently.
Each Participant is personally responsible for their password and identifier allowing connection to the Site via the address and which are personal to them, and undertakes to keep them strictly confidential, and not to communicate them to a third party.
The Participant who undertakes not to disclose his password and username is solely responsible for their use.
Participants are therefore, in particular, prohibited from:

- disclose their password and/or identifier;
- use the identifier of another Participant of which they are aware;
- delete or modify their identity and identifier;
- attempt to access or access applications, data or any type of files to which their identifier does not give them access.

Loss of password and username

In the event that a Participant believes that the confidentiality of his passwords and identifier could be compromised or that a third party would use them, he must inform the Publisher as soon as possible, by sending a message to the address: support

In the event that the Participant does not use his passwords and username in accordance with these terms, the Publisher may close the Participant's personal account without notice and without this giving him any right to compensation.

Article 6
- Unsubscription - Deactivation
The Participant may unsubscribe from the Service by sending an e-mail to the email address from the e-mail address corresponding to their identifier, in accordance with the provisions of article 12 “Termination”.

Effects of Unsubscription. Upon receipt of an unsubscription request, the Publisher will immediately close the Participant's personal account within 48 hours. Unregistration corresponds to the termination of the Participant's account.

Article 7 - Suspension or removal of access

The Publisher may suspend or remove, without notice and without compensation, temporarily or permanently, access to the Site and the Service to any Participant whose behavior seems to compromise or risks compromising the proper functioning of the Service or infringes the rights of third parties or the reputation of the Site and/or the Publisher or contravenes these conditions.

Article 8 - Order

The Participant selects on the Site the type of Event for which he wishes to register and accesses the list of these as well as their price indicated in euros including tax and the amount of applicable VAT.
The Participant also has access to all the characteristics of the said Event to which he wishes to register and in particular its price in euros including tax.
The participant selects the Events that interest him and by clicking on the “Reserve my ticket” box. Once his selection is complete and if he wishes to finalize his order and proceed to payment, he must click on the “Select and pay” box.
The Participant then accesses a screen asking him to create or identify himself on his personal account by entering the information requested in Article 3 of the General Terms and Conditions.
After identifying or registering, the Internet user accesses an order form summarizing for each selected Event:
- his nature ;
- his price ;
- the total amount of the order;

Acceptance and confirmation of the order are carried out by entering data on successive screen pages. This data appears on a summary screen which includes an explicit mention of the Participant's firm commitment. Once their order has been validated, the Participant declares that they accept all of these General Conditions of Sale without reservation.
Orders are confirmed to the Participant by email. Thus the standard path for the Internet user will be a basket validation or modification screen then an order validation page with acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale or a possible return to the basket. Finally, validation of the payment via the bank interface.
In the “user account” area, the Participant will be able to access their purchase history which will present the summary sheet of their order as well as the date on which their order was placed.
Orders are managed by the Publisher in the name and on behalf of the Advertiser.
The Participant may choose their payment method to pay for their order, provided that they have the payment methods defined in Article 9 below.

Article 9
- Secure payment by bank card
The Participant may make payment only by credit card by indicating the following banking information on the secure server page:
Card type (credit card, Visa, Mastercard), card number, expiration date (month/year) and cryptogram (last 3 digits of the number on the back of the card).
Orders paid by credit card bearing the CB symbol (Visa or Mastercard) are processed via a highly reliable secure system. All personal information (including card number) transmitted by the Participant is protected and encrypted before transmission to the processing center. At no time does the Publisher become aware of the Participant's bank card number.
The order validated by the Participant is only considered effective when the bank payment centers concerned have given their agreement. In the event of refusal by said centers, the order is automatically canceled and the Participant is required to make payment again.
It is up to the Participant to save and print their payment certificate if they wish to keep the banking details relating to their transaction.
After validation of payment, the Participant's order is recorded.
After payment by credit card for an order or subscription, a summary of the order is displayed and a summary email is sent to the Internet user, to the email address they have indicated. This order and payment proof includes the following information:
- his nature ;
- his price ;
- the total amount of the order in euros including tax;

To receive an invoice, the Participant must download it by identifying themselves on and consulting the “My account” “My events” section, or can request one by sending an email to the company EUGENOLà l following address
The order form is kept in the Publisher's computer records, a reliable and durable support.
Customer service. The Participant who has placed an order for products can send their complaints by e-mail to the address: and will be responded to as soon as possible.

Article 10. cancellation of a ticket

The participant may cancel his ticket with the agreement of the advertiser.
In the event of payment on the site by credit card, a commission of 1% will be deducted from the amount of the purchase including tax upon reimbursement by Eugenol to compensate for bank charges.

Article 11 - Intellectual property

The entire content of the Site, the photos, logos, images, sounds, videos or illustrations as well as its structure, the databases as well as any other visual element making up the Site are protected, in particular by intellectual property law including the Publisher remains the sole owner.
These General Conditions do not entail any transfer of any kind of intellectual property rights on the elements belonging to the Publisher and/or its partners for the benefit of the Participant.
The Participant only has a right of personal and non-exclusive use of the Site. Any reproduction, representation or distribution of all or part of the Site by any means whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited, with the sole exception of the right to reproduce for storage for the purposes of representation for backup copy or printing on paper in one copy, provided that the integrity of the documents is respected. Any other use is subject to prior and express authorization from the Publisher.
Participants undertake to respect the intellectual property rights attached to the elements making up the Site and are prohibited, in particular, from:

- distribute them to any third party
- exploit them for commercial purposes;
- reroduce, copy or modify them;

Article 12
- Exclusion of liability
The Publisher cannot be held liable due to non-execution or poor execution of the Event proposed by the Advertiser and in particular in the event that the Advertiser has canceled an Event.
The Publisher is only an intermediary reselling, in the name and on behalf of the Advertiser, the services it offers with which the Participant will have concluded a contract when registering for an Event.
It is up to the Participant to verify the accuracy of the information published by the Advertiser on the Site before placing any order.
The Publisher is not responsible for the terms and conditions of purchase of Events organized under the exclusive responsibility of the Advertisers.
The Participant who wishes to place an order with the Advertiser of his choice must read the General Conditions of Use and Sale published by the Publisher on the Site, which exclusively govern his relations with the Advertiser.
Each Advertiser independently manages its own activity and is solely responsible for the information it publishes on the Site.
The products and services offered by Advertisers from the Site are provided by the Advertiser under its exclusive responsibility.
More generally, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for the information transmitted by Advertisers to Internet users, nor for the execution of the service of the Advertiser engaged in a contractual relationship with the Participant.
The Publisher provides no guarantee as to the quality or existence of the products and services offered by the Advertiser, nor as to their compliance with the legal provisions in force.

Article 13
- Exclusion of warranty
The Participant expressly acknowledges and accepts that:
- The Publisher does not guarantee that the site is free of computer viruses or other technical anomalies beyond its control.
- Data transmissions on the Internet network only benefit from relative technical reliability, the Publisher cannot be responsible on the one hand for interruptions, slowness and inaccessibility to the Internet network and, consequently, to the Site and on the other hand, due to the fact that the Internet network can be saturated at certain times of the day making access to the Site very difficult or even impossible.
- At any time, the Publisher may modify, temporarily or permanently interrupt access to the Site, without having to inform Internet users in advance, the Publisher making no commitment to maintain permanent and uninterrupted access to the Site and/or the Service.
- The Publisher is in no way responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may result from them for the Participant.
- The Publisher provides no express or implicit guarantee concerning the quality and compatibility of the Service for the specific uses that the Participant makes of it, even if the Publisher will use its best efforts to maintain the Site in an operational state.
- The Publisher is in no way able to provide a guarantee that the Service will exactly meet the Participant's expectations. The Publisher does not guarantee that the results, information, or Service obtained are free from any error or defect. The Publisher disclaims all responsibility for any disputes, actions or appeals by third parties who may assert rights, particularly private rights, on any content not created by the Publisher.
- The Publisher offers no guarantee as to the uninterrupted operation and/or continuity of the Site and/or the Service in the event of force majeure or fortuitous events as defined by the regulations in force. Examples of force majeure include exceptional bad weather, natural disasters, fires and floods, lightning, attacks, cases of disruption and blocking of telecommunications networks, damage caused by viruses for which the means of security existing on the market do not allow their eradication, as well as any legal or regulatory or public order obligation imposed by the competent authorities and which would have the effect of substantially modifying these general conditions, or any other event of force majeure or event fortuitous within the meaning of the case law of the Court of Cassation.
- Expressly, are considered, in particular but not exclusively, as cases of force majeure or fortuitous events, in addition to those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the French Courts and Tribunals: total or partial strikes, internal or external to the company, lock -out, bad weather, epidemics, blocking of means of transport or supply for any reason whatsoever, earthquake, fire, storm, flood, water damage, governmental or legal restrictions, legal or regulatory changes to forms of marketing , computer failure, blocking of telecommunications including the P.T.T. network, failure of the public telecommunications network, loss of Internet connectivity due to public or private operators, failure of the public electricity distribution network and any other beyond the express will parties preventing the normal execution of the service(s).
- The Publisher cannot be held responsible for the lack of performance of the Site and/or software used or downloaded; the loss of data or services resulting from the failure to meet deadlines, the modification, suspension or interruption of the Site and/or its Service, nor from the consequences arising directly or indirectly from the transmission of viruses by through its servers.

In addition, due to the characteristics and limits of the Internet network, which the Participant acknowledges knowing perfectly, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for, in particular, the difficulties or impossibility of access to the Site and/or the Service. due to network saturation at certain periods.
The Publisher cannot be held responsible for any damage of any nature whatsoever that may arise from the use or on the contrary from the inability to access the Site and/or the Service.

Article 14
- Availability
The Publisher strives to the extent it determines to keep the Site accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but is under no obligation to achieve this.
The Publisher makes no commitment regarding the performance of the Site and the Service taking into account, in particular, the quality of the Internet network and/or technical configurations.
The Publisher may interrupt, for a specific time or not, all or part of access to the Site and/or the Service, in particular, for maintenance and upgrade reasons, or for any other reasons, in particular technical and /or case of force majeure, without any obligation to inform Participants in advance or without such interruption giving rise to any compensation or reimbursement.
The Site, and in particular the Service, are made available to Participants “as is” without any guarantee from the Publisher regarding their accessibility or the accuracy of the information published.

Article 15
- Personal data
The collection of personal data on the Site www.Eugenol.usis necessary for the proper functioning of the Service offered. The Publisher stores Personal Data in such a way as to allow respect for their integrity during the time necessary for the production and supply of the products and/or services offered on the website and in accordance with the imposed retention periods. by current legislation.
Purposes of collecting personal data
The collection of personal data is mandatory to access the Service offered from the address
This collection is carried out in order to enable the provision of the Service offered by the Publisher.
Failure to respond
Failure to provide mandatory personal data prevents access to the Service distributed by
Dissemination of personal data
The personal data thus collected may be transmitted to the Publisher's personnel as well as to any third parties responsible for participating in the implementation, implementation or monitoring of the Service (personnel, partners and/or subcontractors). The Publisher's staff as well as third parties designated by the latter will have access to and may use the personal data collected for the sole purpose of providing the Service offered by the Publisher.
Under no circumstances will personal data be transferred to other third parties, whether free of charge or for a fee.

Article 16 - Installation of a cookie
The Publisher informs the Participant that he wishes to install a cookie on his computer, that a cookie includes information relating to his navigation and does not allow the user to be identified.
However, it records information relating to the navigation of the Participant's computer on the Site (the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) which the Site may use during subsequent visits.
How the Publisher uses cookies:
The use of cookies allows us to improve the Site and provide a better, more personalized Service.
Cookies are used to:

- evaluate the audience of the Site;
- store information relating to your preferences, allowing us to personalize your browsing;
- speed up your searches;
- recognize you when you return to the Site.
The Publisher informs the Participant that he can object to the recording of "cookies" by configuring his browser as follows:

* On Internet Explorer.

1 Go to Tools > Internet Options
2 Click the Privacy tab.
3 Click on the advanced button, check the box “Ignore automatic cookie management”.

* On Firefox

1 At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP), then select Options.
2 Select the Privacy panel.
3 Set Retention Rules: to use custom settings for history.
4 Uncheck Accept cookies.

* On Chrome

1 Click the wrench icon located in the browser toolbar.
2 Select Settings.
3 Click Show advanced settings.
4 In the "Privacy" section, click the Content Settings button.
5 In the “Cookies” section, you can block cookies and data from third-party sites

* On Safari
1 Go to Settings > Preferences
2 Click the Privacy tab
3 In the “Block cookies” area, check the “always” box

* On Opera

1 Go to Settings > Preferences
2 Click on the advanced tab
3 In the “Cookies” area, check the box “Never accept cookies”

However, once this uninstallation has been carried out, the participant will no longer be able to access certain parts of the Site.

Article 17
: Entirety of agreements
These General Conditions of Use and Sale of the Service reflect all of the commitments made by the Contracting Parties in the context of its subject matter. They cancel and replace any other written agreement signed between the Parties.

Article 18
- Modification of the GCU
The General Conditions of Use and Sale of the Site in force are those which can be consulted online at the time of the Participant's connection to the website
The Publisher reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale at any time without notice.
The Publisher undertakes to notify the Participant of any modification to the General Terms and Conditions of the Site. In this case, the Participant is invited to read the content of the new GCU.
The modified General Conditions of Sale of the Site will come into force as soon as they are put online on the site

Article 19
- Safeguard clause
The nullity or impossibility of implementing any of the clauses of these GCU, if it does not significantly call into question the contractual balance, will not result in the termination of these Terms.

Article 20 - Non-waiver of a right
The fact of one or the other party not exercising, on one or more occasions, the rights, options, claims or actions reserved for it by the Contract, cannot be interpreted as an abandonment or refusal to avail itself of the right to exercise said option.

Article 21
 - Partial non-validation - Silence
If one or more provisions of this contract prove to be void, or invalid or declared as such in application of a law, regulation or following of a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain all their force and scope.
Such nullity will not result in the nullity of the other provisions. The parties undertake to replace the provisions thus condemned by new stipulations, consistent with the legal provisions applicable to the case, and having a meaning and an effect as close as possible (in legal and economic terms) to that previously envisaged. .
In the event of silence in the contract or the impossibility of replacing a clause, the Parties agree to meet and compensate for this silence with a provision negotiated in good faith. Failing this, the provisions of common law will compensate, as much as possible, for this silence.

Article 22
: Election of domicile
The Publisher elects domicile at its registered office at 72, avenue Parmentier - 75011 Paris.
Participants elect domicile at the addresses entered in their personal account in accordance with the terms of article 3.2.
Any change of address of one of the Parties must be notified to the other Party by fax or e-mail.

Article 23
- Applicable law - Disputes
These General Conditions of Use and Sale of the Service and all contracts resulting from them and their consequences are subject to French law, to the exclusion of any other legislation, regardless of the nationality of the Participant and the 'Advertiser, this is the case for the rules of substance and form.
In the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties and in the event of failure of negotiations, the parties will regain their complete freedom and the dispute will be brought before the competent Courts.
In the event of difficulty in interpretation, the English language version of these T&Cs takes precedence over any other version in another language.